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The energy efficiency of doors and windows depends on the type of glass they use. More energy efficient glass will save you money and energy, while improving your home’s energy performance.

The glass used for GreenSaving Windows meets all industry standards. A variety of glass is available for different aesthetic and practical reasons. Decide which type of glass is the best for you as they all have their own specific features and are used for different purposes.

Clear-GlassCompared to single pane glass, clear glass units provide better noise protection. The temperature resistance of the glass allows both cold and hot air to flow inside and outside through it.

Triple-GlassCompared to all other models, triple pane glass windows are the most energy efficient. The extra pane of glass helps keep outside air out and indoor air in. In this way it provides extra insulation and a new standard of airflow and efficiency. The energy efficiency of the glass is increased by applying special coatings to eliminate solar gain.  At GreenSavings, we can build your custom windows with any glass you want. Let us know what type of glass you want once you have made your choice! All of our glass options use the “Super Spacer” insulating glass spacer to provide you with the best results possible.

Low-E-GlassLow E-Glass (Low Emissivity Glass) is the best choice for those who wish to lower their energy costs at home. By reflecting heat back into your room and reducing radiant heat transfer, Low-E Glass reduces heat loss during winter to keep your home warm. It allows the sun’s rays to enter more efficiently and dispenses them, making better use of solar energy for warmth. In the summer, it works the same way but keeps the hot air out, keeping the indoors cool. Another benefit of Low-E Glass is that it protects fabrics and carpeting by reducing the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.

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