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A window’s insulating glass is vulnerable to cold and heat loss, especially at the edges. Once these are worn down, the result is condensation. The entire window assembly suffers from this, as the extra moisture peels paint, rots the frames, stains the wood, creates mold and other problems. Typical only one type of sealant is used in a single-seal insulating unit. This is not enough as the sealant must be an adhesive for the entire unit through temperature changes as well as provide resistance to moisture. As a result it is ineffective.

The Super Spacer is an insulating glass spacer that is the solution to this problem. We use this product in all of our window assemblies to ensure quality. Both resistance to moisture and strong adhesion are provided by its patented dual seal insulation system. This reduces condensation and humidity in the house as a result. The results of this insulating glass unit are unrivaled!

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